Sunday, August 9, 2015

Not sure what happened here...

I did have a couple posts that randomly disappeared. For that, I apologize, even though I have no idea how it happened.  I just thought I would pick up the "pen", so to speak, and write some things since it has been awhile.

A lot has changed and is in the process of changing.

I was laid off after a month, started just searching, for a month, found a new fancy place of employment and I already have the feeling I'm going to be here awhile. I like it a lot.

Summer has been kind of annoying, to tell you the truth. We haven't really done anything exciting. The house has been on the market and we've been busy keeping it clean, leaving for showings and Open Houses and dumb stuff like that.

And eating pizza. All the time. I'm kind of sick of pizza.

I'm very excited for school to start soon for the boy.  The electric bill will go down. Brain cells won't be wasted. And I have some crazy ideas of how to get him motivated to be conscious of money and that Dad and I are not made of it. Nor are we his maids, his chefs or his chauffeurs.  He's not a monster, but there is definitely room for improvement and he is getting older.  Thirteen is a weird age, for everyone involved.

My thoughts so far include allowing Jake to make his own lunch menu, give him a small budget and do meal preps together every Sunday.  That way he can't gripe or complain about what there is (or isn't) for lunches.

Next is, he's going to pick a day during the week where he is responsible for making dinner. We've sort of tried, so we definitely failed, in the past.

The other thing is a freaking chore chart.  With a specific laundry day, because if he could, that kid would just let his laundry pile up for days.

 I want to get started soon because school starts in 10 days. I figure now is the time for getting back into the swing of things, getting back on to a schedule and getting prepared for 8th grade.

As for me and my goals:
1. work out.
2. lose weight.
3. eat healthy
4. be healthy
5. write a book
6. solidify budget
7. stick to budget
8. save money
9. get promoted

Easy, right?

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